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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
The Moody Blahs
My life probably isn't reading material. Last night was Tuesday at Mom's. Tuesday's trash night and she can't take the big, heavy wheely bin out by herself since she hurt her back. So I do it. Some nights I've had plans MILES away from her house, driven there anyway after work, taken the trash out, and then gone and done whatever it was I had planned. I think I'm a pretty good daughter to her. She needs a lot of help, and my brothers live so far away. I can't (or sometimes, I admit, won't) do a lot of the manual things she wants done around the house. But I feel like she doesn't really appreciate the fact that I'm there. I moved back from Austin to be closer to her. I wanted to, but the fact remains that my brothers didn't. It's odd how she can make me feel like I make her sad if I'm not there every weekend and every Tuesday, yet at the same time I don't feel like she realizes that she's got that. If that makes any sense at all...probably not.

So the guy I have a date with left a message on my phone last night. I told him to tempt me to say yes to the date by telling me his plans. He wants to go to a sushi/hibachi place. I've only ever had vegetable sushi, but I suppose I'll give it a go. He giggled in the message though...which I took as a bad sign. Guys aren't supposed to giggle, are they? But maybe he was just nervous. We'll see. I seem to be much more laid back, thanks to the series of disappoinments and awful dates. I had been making the mistake of practically planning the wedding when a guy asked for a second date. Either I've become more rational or more cynical. I'm kind of over it all for the time being, I just want to ride my moutain bike. Get some more bruises, be tough, be self-sufficient. Realize that I have a life that I enjoy with or without a man in it....and really mean all that, not just use it as a tool to find someone.

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