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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
They got me!
They started attacking me the day before yesterday, making one side of my throat feel just a little odd. I ignored it.

Yesterday both sides of my throat felt swollen plus my eyeballs felt like they were flaming comets of death.

They got me again this year. The trees, the new leaves, the pollen. I feel like complete and utter shite. Good thing I'm not really sick; good thing it's just allergies.

Last night I tried sleeping while sucking on a cough drop. My advice: don't try sleeping while sucking on a cough drop. Then I tried sleeping in a semi-propped-up position. This worked for about 15 minutes. So I propped all my pillows in the corner and leaned up against them, sitting up completely. I fell into a nice deep sleep until I woke up when I started to take a chin dive toward my crotch. Not comfy. So I switched to what I like to call the caterpillar position. On my stomach, curled into a semi-U shape so I'm still propped up. It's now 2am. I'm never going to get to sleep, and now my back hurts. I sit up and check my cough drop supply. Gone. Noooooooooooo! In desparation I fall passively backwards and my head misses the pillow but my neck hits it, so my head is hanging down. It takes me a minute to realize that this is the most comfortable I've been all night, although the position seems counter-intuitive. I must have slept for a good two hours like that until all the blood in my body gathered at the top of my head. Nothing like your entire body tingling to get you up fast. 4am. I can still get in a good two hours of sleep if I figure something out fast. I sit up indian-style and rest my elbow on my knee and my chin on my hand. I wake up about every fifteen minutes, but this is how I am sitting when my alarm goes of at 6am.

This morning my nose is oh-so-attractively stuffed to the brim and my eyes look like I need to go under the jaundice lamps in the neo-natal ward of the local hospital. I want to die. Good thing it's only allergies.
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