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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Duck and Cover!
Work is so weird today! It's like everyone is on edge, for some reason. Every time I turn a corner there is a new drama brewing. I guess the Christmas rush has finally gotten to everyone. Things that people would typically just laugh off are getting under their skin.

I'm just sort of cruising along, doing my own thing, and trying to avoid interacting with anyone. I stare at my monitor and leave my headphones on. And I hate to disparage my own wonderful sex, but it's not the men who are going berserk, it's the women who are getting snippy and grumpy. I'll just talk to all my guys and run the other way when I see any of the ladies.


Tomorrow is our holiday luncheon. I have this glittery Star of Bethlehem hanging from the ceiling in my office. I want to find a way to rig it so that when I walk into the luncheon, it's hanging above my head so I can say "wise men seek me."
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