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Thursday, January 20, 2005
All I Need
I forgot to share a funny incident with all you people who aren't reading anymore anyway. The night before I was leaving for Austin, I went to the store because I realized I didn't have any sunglasses and I'd probably need some.

So I'm wandering through the store to kill time, and I see this bra that I like. Now, because I hadn't planned on getting anything beside sunglasses, I didn't grab a cart or a basket or anything practical like that. It's just me, the bra on a hanger, and the shades. I take my place in line behind a 40-something woman with about 10 items. She turned and saw that I only had a few things. "You go ahead in front of me," she says.

I couldn't resist. I hold up my bra and sunglasses and say "Thanks! I'm heading for Texas tomorrow and I figure this is all I'll need."
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