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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
I don't even know if I really want to post this...
When I browse through blogs, I always look with a critical eye at the ones that are mainly postings of the bloggers poetry (usually awful) or creative writing (usually too long). For me, this blog is a tool to just keep me writing, but it's not where I want to WRITE. If you know what I mean. But while I was in Austin I wrote a little blurb to try to convey just what it is about that city. Looking at it again today, sitting at my messy work desk, looking at a thermometer showing 8 F (-13 C) it seems...well, over the top. Like I was trying to hard. The only reason I'm posting this, is because while I was writing it, it seemed so real. I was sitting on the bed in my brother's room (the former "sleeping porch" of a house built in 1901, which is now divided into apartments), which is fronted by a row of windows facing Austin's skyline. It was dusk, and I was feeling creative. But don't look at askance, OK? It doesn't really stand up to the harsh light of a Pennsylvania winter.

In the airplane I see sun glinting on the skyline. A thrum starts within me and beats in synchronicity with the massive engine obscuring my view. Touch down, then walking. I spread my body on concrete the same temperature as my insides. Palms spread to feel the rise and fall, ear to the ground and the heartbeat is there underneath like always. I slow my breathing to match. I let the city fill me. Let it make me comfortable in this body again. My skin fits better here, I am the same out as in.

A woman walks three bulldogs. A cowboy eats dinner beside two women in business suits. The people glow here. They walk with a love of the ground beneath them. A woman rocks a baby on her front porch at sunset, singing a lullaby in time with the beat always rising from the earth. A street musician carries her tune to where he plays for change. The city orchestrates our movements, our sounds. Like blood we flow through her streets in an unending flow, pushed to our destinations by the strong heart within her.

posted by LoRi~fLoWer
  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Writer said…

    It's beautiful. I've never been to Austin, but I see it now...

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