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Friday, January 07, 2005
Note to Self: Don't tell anybody ANYTHING
To borrow the format from my brothers less-than-oft-updated blog. (He got a new job, and they actually make him do work, can you believe it?

I'm not telling anybody anything anymore. I should really know better. I mentioned to a few people at work that I'm on Weight Watchers. Suddenly all my co-workers are my own personal food police. "Should you be eating that? Aren't you on Weight Watchers?" "Hey, I baked cookies, oh wait, Lori, none for you."

I only blame myself. And hey, maybe they will keep me honest and on the ball. But if I want to have a f-ing cookie, I'll have a cookie. Let me worry about it, please. No less than 5 people mentioned WW to me yesterday in some fashion.

I'm never telling anybody anything.
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