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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Ah, a little lethargy--a bit of this and that
Today is one of those days. No sunshine, endless rain, too chilly for spring. One of those days when all I really want to do is curl up in bed and read all day long, with power naps in between chapters. And in my alternate reality, that's just what I'd be doing. Instead I am sitting in my office pretending to work. I don't mean to be sneaky. I really am trying to go through the motions, but it seems like a 20 minute task is taking me an hour today. The only thing I like about rainy days in the office is the sound the rain makes on our skylights, but even that's not a sure bet since that incident. At least I can go home in a half hour.

So I've been thinking about starting another blog, but keeping it completely anonymous and not linked to this blog in any way. I want to be able to whiiiiiiine, or bitch about people. In general, I'd like to be able to feel very sorry for myself and get sympathy, but I don't want any of you, my loyal and dedicated readers, to see that side of me. Maybe I should just buy a spiral-bound notebook?

I did a bad road rage thing the other day. I was in a shopping center parking lot (the shopping centering containing the now-infamous Dunkin' Donuts, actually) trying to make a left turn from one of the parking areas onto the small internal "road" near the traffic signal. So I'm waiting and waiting and this line of traffic is piling up at the light. "Surely," I think, "this car will stop and let me out since if she kept going she'd be blocking the intersection on the red light." But once again, I had misjudged the courtesy of my fellow human beings. She pulled right up behind the last car, and stared straight ahead. OOOOOH, I was fuming. I didn't have anywhere particular to be, and I wasn't late for anything, but for the love of St. Stanislaus that was just RUDE. My evil eye was not melting her side window either. So rather than honking I just pulled forward like I was going to pull out. I pulled so close she could have set her Starbucks cup on my hood. I pulled so close she could read the fury of a madwoman in my eyes. I then stared straight ahead... which meant I was staring at her ear (she could have used a Q-tip).

She backed up and let me in.

I won. Yes, I blocked everyone else from getting through, becoming as rude as she in the process, but I won. She probably peed her pants. So while it was not a very adult thing to do, it felt. really. good.

Oh, by the way...if you have been shaking your head in disgust at my posts on bad grammar... If you've been thinking that I'm the only person left on the planet who notices or cares about these things. ..THINK AGAIN, EVILDOER. Read Gary's latest post. He makes me look like an ebonics specialist.
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