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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Journal of Delirium
While on our cross-country trek Cavi and I wrote infrequent notes in a little leopard-spotted, fuzzy, spiral-bound journal. My intent was, and still is, to use these blips as a sort of roadmap to create a long, coherent post about our journey...because some of the best parts (like our stay in Parker) weren't even recorded in the driving journal. However, reading back over them I thought it might be amusing to recreate them as written first. Too bad you can't see the horrible, sleep-deprived handwriting. The method of recording distance/time is inconsistent and when I pull everything together I'm going to have to work it backward to figure it out, but I'm not going to attempt that here. We left on Thursday morning at 10am.

[Lori]Hour 3: still in PA. Turnpike in Western PA is not scenic. Just getting off turnpike onto Route 70 which we'll be on until Denver. 1500 more miles til Denver! Cats are asleep at my feet.

[Lori] 2:09 pm- West Virginia. Looks a lot like Western PA. Road. Trees. Bad drivers. We're at 1/2 a tank. When we're on empy [sic] we'll switch drivers.

[Lori] 2.22pm Ohio. Wheeling, WV is ugly. Tired of listening to music. Can't get the satellite radio to work right.

[Lori] 2.37pm Realize we are singing "Time After Time" along with Cyndi and not joking.

[Lori] 3.30pm Crossing the Licking River

[Lori] 4.16pm We can see the Columbus skyline and are stuck in Columbus rush hour traffic. Haven't stopped yet. 1/4 tank left. Columbus is smack dab in the middle of Ohio. 7 hours to St. Louis. Ok, not rush hour...six car pile up. Made it past before the medivac landed.

[Cavi] 8.06pm Illinois. looks likes<--need coffee Western PA. Still. Lori's driving. John Deere [the little gray and white cat] has a flea. Wyclef, pretty sunset, Lori finally mastered cruise control, but still hasn't finished her strawberry shake from McDs. Thus far many close calls w/ trucks. Mile 652.7 Lori has now been passed on the right an equivalent number of times. [Cavi] 10.48pm mile 805.7 St. Louis, Misery. ARCH!

[Lori] 3.05 am [driving] Kanas. Long. Very flat. Dark. Topeka has a pretty state capitol building. I think it was Topeka. Drove til 4.30am. Stopped at nasty 24 [hour] truck stop.

[Lori] 6.33am Wake up. [Cavi was driving] daylight. still in Kansas. 300 miles out from Denver. Still in Kansas. Look cows. I'd like a bed. I'll settle for some Visine.

[Cavi] 9.25 Colorado. *#!?*ng [yes, she wrote the symbols] finally. [Lori] 9.08MT "Where's John? Oh he's in my lap." "It's in the big CD case." [not sure what that meant, might be referring to the fact that everytime a CD was in the big case, one of us had to reach in the backseat to get it.]

[Lori] 9.23 MT "There's nothing like poking your cats to see if their [sic, ahhhh!] dead because they haven't peed in 24 hours."

[Lori] 20 miles out. [from Parker, CO] "we could water your car" [hmmm...don't remember that either]

[Lori] Mile 1,970 [In the middle of the Utah desert, I do remember this.] "I'm so stressed. I'm homeless. I can't handle ONE more thing. Oh, my check engine light just came on."

[Lori] 2146 Night in motel in Richfield, UT "Beautiful Richfield, where people come because they can't stand the interstate anymore."

"I'm just going to put my sleeping mask on and read."

[Lori] 2321 Arizona.

Seem to have lost interest in journaling at that point. It was our last stretch. Arizona, then Nevada, then Cali. The most stressful part of the trip actually happened after that, but that'll be another post.
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