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Monday, June 13, 2005
Maybe they were just blinking?
Ok, so I used to have my profile on quite a few online dating sites. I got jaded and discouraged and took them all off...except one, and that was only because I can't remember my password. Anyway, I seem to still be on TRUE. And every once in a while they'll send me a newsletter or a "flirt alert," incouraging me to be the first person to wink at StudlyBlueEyes234. Whatever.

So this morning I check my yahoo mail and from Friday to Sunday 7 guys "winked" at me. I find this a bit suspicious. Was I the "profile of the day" or something? Has TRUE noticed that I haven't been active on their site in ages and suddenly had all their summer interns wink at me to see what happened? Or, more realistically, have all the men out there finally come to their sense and started to see what an amazing, brilliant, comic, and cute girl I am?
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