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Friday, July 22, 2005
I suddenly seem to have nothing worthwhile to say
So I thought I'd try my hand at Blogger's new imaging feature and post some scenery pictures from Austin.

This is actually a shot from my last day. Ana and I went driving around looking for the best views of this bridge. I'm facinated by it for some reason. We ended up tresspassing our way into the top of a random company's parking garage to get this one.

This is another shot of the bridge from higher up. I don't know why everyone thinks Texas is flat.

Here's a shot of the hill country looking toward downtown Austin. You can see the skyline in the background, a little misty, but it was a very humid day.

Yum, Rudy's BBQ. I've never actually seen a live armadillo in Texas, but there are dead ones aplenty on the roadsides.

P.S. I'm not sure why so much space is appearing between the pictures...I didn't put it there, that's for sure.
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