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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Tis the Season to Scare Ourselves Sh!tless
I wonder if human beings are the only species that purposefully terrify ourselves. Think about it, we watch horror movies, we ride amusement park rides, and this time of year, we go to haunted hayrides, haunted houses, even haunted prisons.

I shouldn't really say "we" because, although I do love amusement park rides, I can't participate in any of the halloweeny things that are around this time of year. In fact, the only one I might be talked into is a horror movie, and then only if it's old school. I have a much too vivid imagination. It's not that I've lost my grasp on reality--I know that they aren't real. But they are meant to feel real and that works for me. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I'm not overly fond of the dark.

I find it interesting that the very things we are shocked and horrified by in the news on a daily basis, the things from which we hope to keep our friends and families safe, are the same things we will pay $20 to have someone pretend to do to us or $10 to watch done to other people. I'm not criticizing, I just find it an interesting phenomenon, and one that I personally cannot handle. Do you go to the various hauntings available this time of year? Do you pay to be scared? Why do you do it?
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