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Monday, January 08, 2007
Another Dunkin Donuts Story
Some of my long-time readers may remember this Dunkin Donuts Story:

I woke up early today. With a thought of finding out about the new position, I dressed in pinstriped trousers and my rose-colored sweater that makes my skin look fab-u-lous. I did my hair. I took extra care with my make up. I strutted out of the house feeling oh-so professional, put together, and--dare I say it?--even pretty. And best of all, I still had time to stop and get coffee.

As I exited my car and strode confidently across the parking lot, I garnered an admiring glance from a cable guy or a telephone repairman. As I approached the outer door to Dunkin' Donuts, two men vied to hold open the door for me. "Damn," I thought, "I'm good." So I gave them my best movie star smile and said "Good Morning, thanks so much!" Brilliant, Lori, brilliant. I proceeded to head toward the inner door, stepped off the mat, slid the 3 feet across the lobby, smashed my knuckle against the glass door, and ended with my face smeared across the plate glass , gripping the door handle like a drowning woman holds onto a life buoy. My vain hope that nobody saw my acrobatics was quashed when I hauled myself upright and noticed that everyone inside the store had turned their heads my way at the sound of flesh hitting glass at high a velocity.

Brilliant, Lori, brilliant.

Well, this one is not a traumatic story. I just wanted to send a little shout out to my coffee man, Ray. Now that I am near a DD with a drive-thru, and thus have a reduced risk of slamming my face into plate glass, I go nearly every morning. And nearly every morning there is Ray, smiling at me. He smiles at everyone, I think, but Ray remembers me. And he sees me and says "Oh! Hi Ma'am!" Like it wouldn't be a good day if he had not seen me. And when he hands me my usual Medium with Cream and a Splenda he always says "Here you go. See you later." The past week or so, Ray wasn't there, and every day was a little more wrinkled. But this morning he was back!

So Ray, if you read blogs, which I somehow doubt, and you happen to come across this one (which I doubt greatly), I just want you to know that you make my morning. Not only do you keep me caffeinated, but you start my day off with a smile, and that's definitely worth more than they are paying you.
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