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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Update on my battle with Corporate America
Ok folks, here's the latest:

October 20, 2004:
Letter (see previous post "I Fight Authority. . .Will Authority Always Win?") sent to Mr. Eric Surine, Service Manger, Fred Beans Hyundai, Doylestown, PA. CC'd to General Mangage of Fred Beans, the President and CEO of Hyndai Motor America, and the Better Business Bureau. Posted here on my blog and also on

October 26, 2004:
Telephone call from Tara at Hyundai Motor America's coporate HQ in California. She had received and read my letter. She apologized for the bad experience I had. (Which actually went pretty far in my book.) Then she asked if I had paid for the repairs. When I told her that I had, she asked me to fax her a copy of my registration, a copy of the work order, and proof of payment. When she gets them she'll review my case further. I had the work order and the registration, but I had to call Fred Beans to get them to fax a copy of my signed receipt.

I hope that I get my money back. However, even if it goes no further than this, someone DID call me. And I have a feeling that Fred Beans of Doylestown will probably be hearing from them, too. Yay me! I'll keep you guys updated.
posted by LoRi~fLoWer
  • At 9:56 PM, Blogger Writer said…

    Go get ‘em! Also, if you ever have an issue with anything else (ie, a waitress drops her whole tray of iced tea on your lap and ruins your favorite fuzzy wool sweater at Ruby Tuesday’s and no one so much as offers you a free toothpick sitting in the dish by the cash register) go to It’s a great site to post complaints and to send complaints directly to the head guys and gals running these businesses in Corporate America. P.S. I got a prompt response and few free meals for two out of my complaint.

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