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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Now You've Done It
I was home last night. Doing nothing. My roommate went out with her friend. I ate goldfish crackers for dinner and watched the first season of Sex and the City on DVD (again). So that's pretty lame, yeah? Just wait.

I wandered over to the computer and prepared to bear the glacier-slow dial-up in order to finally order DSL. (Oh, the thrill.) Somehow I end up on Craigslist looking at the men seeking women ads. Oh they were awful. They either used IM speak: "if ur hot, email me ur pic." Or just plain didn't bother to read over what they wrote before they posted. Is it bad that this is a pet peeve of mine? I'm absolutely not claiming that I never make mistakes in what I post, but when you are specifically setting out to impress someone... I noticed this when I was using the online dating services too. If they used the wrong "your" or the wrong "too" I pretty much eliminated them. Hey, we all have our things, right? Take some time, take a little care, that's all I'm asking. Is gauging someone's overall intelligence by their grammar so much worse than a guy looking at my picture and making judgments about me because I'm overweight?

Anyway, that's really beside the point. I got fed up. Fed up with not going out, fed up with my expectations, fed up with crappy personal ads. Just fed up. So I decided to post an ad of my own, mainly just to vent. Here it is:

The Truth

The truth is, it's hard to read these ads in which people do not know the difference between "your" and "you're"; these ads in which people trying to find someone attractive, intelligent, and funny do not even bother checking the spelling of their post.

So I thought I'd post instead. I'm 5'6; I have beautiful green eyes.

The truth: I'm slightly to the left side of thin, but I can still shop at the Gap. I'm an editor, so speaking and writing well are important to me. I'm funny in a bitter, I'm-an-optimist-who-tries-so-hard-to-be-cynical kind of way. I like to read real books. I like to listen to music. I like to travel and go hiking. I have a blog, but I won't write about you unless you want me to.

The truth is that I want to find a guy who will laugh with me. I want a guy who takes the time to see all that I have to offer. I want a guy who will, above everything else that we are to each other, be my best friend.

The truth is, I realize that the above is usually considered a fairy tale. But what the heck, I've been waiting this long.

(After all that, I better make damn sure I didn't make any mistakes, huh.)

Notice I didn't say "email me if you are interested." I didn't say "your pic gets mine." I did, snobbily, say that grammar is important. Oh and the whole "real books" thing, was quite elitist, don't you think?

That was at around 9pm last night. I've gotten 22 responses so far. A couple called me on my punctuation. They said I should have put a question mark after huh. I actually thought about that, but made the call to go with the period because in my head it was less of a question than a small noise at the end of the sentence. They might be right. One said that if I'm 28 and still shop at the Gap my taste in clothes is as bad as the grammar I despise, or something like that. I wonder where he shops? Some were blah, some were quirky or witty, or have a bit of possibility. But now what do I do? It feels wrong to just ignore them all, but this morning...I'm just not sure if I'm up for all that.

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