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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Everyone deserves a second chance
This is a big post. I've been writing it in my head for quite a while now. I've started to write here it at least twice. In fact, I'm not really sure why I haven't written about it before, except that you know how it's just nice sometimes to hold something back and just keep it for yourself?


Once upon a time there was a girl named Lori who had quite an obsession with all things British. One day while at college she saw that the alumni were having a fundraiser selling discounted tickets for a week's trip to England, hotel and tours included for $599. So she coerced a friend into going with her on her dream trip--during this trip she had made plans to meet some friends she had been talking to online. When Lori met CB for the first time, they had a really special connection. They only got to hang out for two days, but ever afterward she couldn't remember being happier--even though her bangs were hideous.

Lori's leaving after two days was harder for him than for her, because she was still on her vacation, headed to meet more friends and have more fun, and he was the one getting left behind. She wasn't as sensitive to this as she could have been. What did she know at 20?--nothing. She had someone take one last picture, and took off when her friends arrived at the train station to pick her up.

Lori and CB stayed in contact and tried to make it work. But they were just broke kids in college with no idea how hard a long distance relationship was going to be, especially when there was no plans and no money to make plans to see each other again. When they broke up, that wasn't the stated reason, but Lori truly believes that what the reason was.

After they lost touch, Lori would periodically think about CB and the way she felt when she had been with him. Sometimes she would even wonder if CB was her "meant to be" and she had completely screwed it up. But she had to trust that if he was, they would find each other again somehow.

So when CB made an effort a few months ago to contact Lori, she was skeptical but open--but also determined not to make the same mistakes she had made with her infamous ex. So she's been closed-mouth about the whole issue to both her friends and her blogosphere because she wants to wait and see what happens. She hasn't, however, been close-mouthed to CB and has laid everything out for him, including most of the embarrassing conversation some of you will remember that she had with her mother recently. All this so that when he flies into the Philadelphia Airport on

March 1, 2006!!!!!!!

they'll both have a fair shot at their second chance. Because, you just never know what's around that bend in the road.

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