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Monday, April 18, 2005
Guys are funny!
In my previous post, I told you about the laughers, but not about the funny waiter. We had a pleasant, fresh-faced, young man as our waiter. Because we didn't want to wait for a table we ended up sitting in the bar area at one long table occupied by the laughers on one end, a mother and teenage son at the other, and Cavi and I in the middle. Incidently, we ended up surrounded by calamari appetizers, which kind of made me want to be ill, but I tried to ignore the squidging going on around me. Anyway, this waiter seemed to appreciate having two reasonably attractive young women at his family-style table. He was quite obsequious in his attentions to us. Here's one example: we both ordered a salad as our main course and he brought them out saying "I know you still have your appetizers but these came out fast and I wanted to bring them to you while they were as frrrrrrressssssh as possible." We smiled and thanked him and he walked away without another word to any one else at our table. The laughers looked at our salads, looked at us, looked at each other and laughed...obnoxiously. I think the waiter might have heard, because he turned on his heel and said to the laughers "it looks like you need another coke and iced tea, anything else?" When he brought me out my pina colada (which was heavenly, by the way) he said "I brought you the big pina colada and charged you for the small one." The laughers seemed to take this in stride. Well, the he got a good tip from us, if not from the rest of the table.
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