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Friday, June 24, 2005
You are *so* funny
I'm not much up for a deep and meaningful post today. And you probably don't care that this weekend I'm going to be dogsitting, etc. So I thought I'd just tell you a funny I made, of which I was particularly proud. I'm sure it won't get 13 comments like my last post. I think that was a record for me, although I probalby shouldn't count my own comments.


I was out to eat with two of my friends, who happen to be married to each other. We were all on the salad course. They had Caesar salad and I had a regular house salad. "MMMM," I exclaimed. "These are the best croutons I've ever had, they must make them here."

Whereupon friend 1 proceeded to take all the croutons off his Caesar salad and put them on mine. "Don't do that, you can't eat a Caesar salad without croutons!" said I.

"Why?" asked friend 1.

Drumroll please...

"Because you have to render unto Caesar that which is Caesars!"

Thanks! Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
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