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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Raising Awareness of a Growing Problem
My diehard readers (ha ha) are no doubt wondering at the relative infrequency of my posts lately. I used to faithfully post everyday. I seemed to have an unending fount of topics, from (my personal favorite) myself, to, well...usually myself. Yet the posts have slackened. My life hasn't changed much, and I was willing myself to come up with some sort of explanation for my fans, without whom I wouldn't be where I am today. Oh, and my mother, hi Mom...Wait, that's another speech I'm writing. Anyway...I'd like to direct you all here:

To a Nonist Public Service Pamphlet

This should give you a good idea of what I've been going through lately. It's not pretty, but I really believe it happens to all of us and I will come out of this a better person in the end.

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