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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Children of the Corn
Stolen Format

Shopping for a dress to wear when I see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday with Becky.

Me: Ooh I like this one *twirl*

Meg: That's great! It's so New York City

Me: We have no idea what's 'so New York City', we're from the farm.

Meg: . . .

Me to Sales lady: I'll take it!

To Becky, TAB, Sarah, and Wes and anyone else I missed: See you all on Friday!

As a special bonus:

Darren, the trusty IT guy at work always has the best phones and gadgets. He was showing off his new Motorola Razr or Razor or however they are spelling it and snapped this lovely picture of my patented "Office Glare" (tm).

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