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Friday, December 16, 2005
Hey You!

*tap tap tap on driver side window*

Yes, you with the random braking. I see you have a Pennsylvania license plate. Surely you should know, then, how to drive in snow/sleet/freezing rain.


Well then, I will now impart to you and all those like you the secret of driving when the roads have a possibility of being slick. Ready? Because it might be overwhelming to you. It might shake your concept of this world and driving in it to its very foundations.

OK. Here it is.

When driving on roads that have icy patches the trick is:

Use your brakes as little as possible.

Granted, this may necessitate going slightly slower than the speed limit. But trust me a little. Are you with me so far?

Because here's the thing: when you are driving at a good clip, and you see what looks to be a patch of ice ahead and you SLAM on your brakes, THAT, my good citizen, is when you are going to slide all over the road. Not to mention forcing ME to brake and slide all over the road too. However, if you are going at a nice steady speed and you notice a patch of ice, simply lift thy foot off the gas pedal, hold the wheel with both hands, and ride on over it. It's simply fabulous.

You remain in control of your vehicle, you don't foil the driver behind you who has left just the right amount of distance between your cars. And you save me from having a stress ulcer by the time the winter is over. See how simple. Yes, it's counter-intuitive, but just try it. You'll be happier for it. And you'll probably have your car for a few more years.
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