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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Firstly, I'm a little behind in reading and commenting on blogs. If anyone has noticed and is upset by it, I apologize. It's really busy at work with everyone trying to get their reports out before the holidays so they don't have to be here the week between Christmas and New Year's. I, however, will be here. Anyway...

Occasionally I am bitten by the writing bug. I'm not a bad writer, and I most definitely could get better, but I lack the most important attribute of the great ones who put pen to paper. I lack the determination and fire to sit down everyday and write something. Partly it's my job. I sit in front of a computer and read and edit all day long, so when I get home it's pretty much the last thing I want to do. But I could, and I don't, so there you have it.

But sometimes the first line of a story will write itself in my head. Maybe the first paragraph. Or just a picture of something that I want to find the words to describe. Usually this happens just as I am falling asleep, and then when I wake up in the morning, only the ghost of the thought is there, but not enough to write down. But the past few weeks lines have been swirling around in my brain. Pictures forming, a plot developing. Enough story to get past even my apathy and make my fingers twitch in desire of a keyboard. There's just one problem.

It's someone else's story that I want to tell, and I don't think--pardon my pronoun usage--they'd want it told. True I only know bits and pieces, and I'd obviously be fictionalizing and filling in and swirling around. True, also, that the likelihood of this story ever being seen by more than a few select eyes is miniscule. But I also feel like I cannot even embark on this without asking their permission.

Is that silly? Do you think I should just start writing and see what happens? Write it for my own satisfaction? Diana Gabaldon wrote her first novel Outlander for practice, not thinking anyone would see it, and it ended up a bestseller. I'm definitely not counting on that, but one just never knows in this crazy world. Then again, maybe I'm just using the above as an excuse not to attempt something at which I could most certainly fail. Input would be greatly appreciated.
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