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Thursday, September 30, 2004
You weren't supposed write back!!
So I had to write my first rejection email. I usually just wait for them to reject me. But I wrote something quite nice. Something along the lines of "I had a nice time at dinner too, but I just don't think we are suited for each other. Thank you for a lovely dinner and best of luck with everything." I mean, what else was I supposed to say? That was supposed to be that. He was supposed to read it, curse at the computer, tell his friend something nasty about me that night and then email the next girl on But...

He wrote back!:

Wow...ok. I have to say I'm disappointed that you feel that way. I thought we had some good witty/sarcastic banter going. But, I will respect your feelings and wish you the best of luck.

What's up with that? "Wow"? Is that a "wow, how could you resist my manly charms?" or just a "wow, I totally read you wrong."? It pisses me off somehow that he got the last word. I know that's silly.
But he wasn't supposed to write back!! I wanted to write back and say, "yes, we did have some nice banter, but when I had to pay for said witty repartee, I thought the price was a bit too high. Honestly though, if I had been attracted to him at all, I would have overlooked that. So there you are.

Perhaps this is the end of my dating adventures for a while. Got a bike ride on Saturday, and maybe one on Sunday, too, depending on how my body holds up. The only prospect I have in sight is that it seems that a co-worker wants to hook me up with her relative. I've never been properly set up before. But hey, I'll try it...the online personal thing surely isn't working. The only reason I haven't taken down those damn profiles is because I can't get online at home, and I don't want to get caught on those sites at work.

posted by LoRi~fLoWer
  • At 6:22 PM, Anonymous owen said…

    man that post explains so much. thank you

  • At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    aw that's so darling, you will do fine with this.

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