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Friday, October 29, 2004
Pahty Wicked Hahd Core
I'm so psyched! In about one hour (hopefully, if engineer #2 gets his report finished) I'm heading up to Boston for the weekend to party with all the Red Sox fans. Quick, someone tell me something about baseball!

Should be awesome to get out and party and try to forget about all the crap that happened this week. Well, happened long ago, but I found out about this week, actually. No, I don't plan on trying to get "revenge" by acting like a slut, Paul, but thanks. ;o) One costume required party (but I only found out about it last night, so I'm just going to be a cowgirl because I already had the hat) one costume optional party, and 25 hours of Saturday to get in to all sorts of trouble.

Expect pictures.

Getting caught is the mother of invention.
--Robert Byrne

Partying is such sweet sorrow.
--Robert Byrne
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