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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Mishmosh: A Part of the Cycle
Those of you who know me fairly well know how I am about song lyrics. I like lots of different kinds of music and lots of different songs, but I love lyrics that roll like poetry. That's why I like bands like Counting Crows and Tonic. Usually when I'm going through anything in my life I'll find a lyric and hang onto it like a mantra, even if it's from a song I've played a thousand times, but never really thought about before. I think my brother does this, too. And when he sees this lyric it's going to remind him that he told me he wanted this CD. *wave*

Swallow your pride
Make way for the new bride
Holding your tongue
When they call another winner
Oh there is more to this life
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
Tell me how does she feel
She's like the wind
That boy couldn't sail
He says I've washed these decks for years
I've carried those pails
And oh there is more to this life
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
Tell me how does she feel
Does she hold you in the night
Does she tell you everything's gonna be alright
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
How does she feel
Captain oh my captain
Steer the first mate true
The men they sing a song of fear
Ghosts of ships who failed before
And the captain he is laughing
You can't control the sea
She will always do as she pleases
It's her nature to be free
And oh there is more to this life
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
Tell me how does she feel
Do you hold her in the night
Do you tell her everything's gonna be alright
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
I know how you feel
Oh, I know
Oh, I know
Hey Mr. Golden Deal
How does she feel

--Tonic, "Mr. Golden Deal", from Lemon Parade

I'm completely on purpose not talking about the election. I got in a bit of an argument with Paul last night because I told him politics were an off-limit topic for me. Apparently you aren't supposed to have off-limit topics. Well, I thought a bit about it last night and I came up with a reason. Here it is, here's my secret fear and the deep dark reason why I have off-limit topics about anything. I'm easily swayed. If someone gives a good argument, sure, I'll agree. And then someone on the opposing side says something equally reasonable and that sounds good to me. This trait is not one of my more admirable characteristics. I really dislike it. So if I don't have a hard and fast opinion, and I usually don't, unfortunately...I don't like to make an ass out of myself. Sounds stupid, but there you have it. It is this self-same trait that is going to make buying a car very interesting. I guarantee I'll walk out of the first dealership I sit down in the day I seriously start looking with keys to my new car.

I wish I knew how to work it so I could see who was coming on to read this. I know my friend's blog has this capability, but it's her own website. I'd be interested to know, but maybe it would be disappointing, and it's also still trying to hold onto a piece of something that I should rip into little pieces and throw away.
posted by LoRi~fLoWer
  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger ~*~*DAISY*~*~ said…

    Count me as one of your readers! I came upon your blog 2 weeks ago. I come to it everyday to read it. I myself am going through some very heavy stuff in my life. I admire that you have friends that care for you and you are able to do things with.
    Keep on blogging! :)

  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger LoRi~fLoWer said…

    That's so awesome! Thanks for posting. I hope that things will get easier for you soon.

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