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Monday, September 12, 2005
The Cult
It was quite hard to come up with a title for this post. I think every possible way to say that I visited New York City has already been turned into a cliche. I "took a bite of the Big Apple," etc. So I decided on something a friend said to me this morning, "so this was the weekend you met up with your cult, isn't it?"

Not exactly. As far as I know we don't have a charismatic blogger-leader, nor are there any plans to buy Nikes and wait for the comet to take us away. But I did meet up with some blogger friends on Friday night. Namely Becky, Sarah, Wes, TAB, and Joel (who is a blog reader). Here's a picture (Becky, Me, Sarah, Wes, Joel) taken by TAB with Sarah's sexy new camera. My pictures shall follow in a bit.

Saturday (as Becky had kindly allowed me to stay in her hotel room) Becky, Wes, and I wandered around the Village and ate at Shake Shack before Wes had to take a bus all the way back to Maryland. I do believe a great story about our time at Shake Shack will appear on Becky's blog as soon as she gets online again, and I don't want to steal her thunder. Then Becky and I got ourselves primped and beautiful and went to see Phantom of the Opera. My first Broadway show, and I'm in love. It was amazing to think that those people up on the stage were singing in real time, no cuts or do-overs, and that they do it twice a day. And seemingly with the same amount of emotion as if it were their opening night. There were some rude people behind us who talked all through the first act, but after intermission, Becky got fed up and told them to shut up (more politely) and, thankfully, they did. It struck me how lately it has seemed to me that people seem to have no awareness of their surroundings, that they are surrounded by people who are trying to enjoy themselves, too. What has happened to basic courtesy?

Sunday, Becky and I went for brunch and then headed towards Penn Station where I had to catch my train. When I stepped off the train at Hamilton Station in New Jersey, where I had parked my car, the first thing I noticed was the silence. After the passengers got picked up or got in their cars, there was really nobody around as I made the long trek to the overnight parking lot..and the glorious silence. I've had my dreams of living in the big city, where there's always someone awake with you, always some place to get food or get it delivered, where there is always something going on. But, really, at heart, I think of the cities in general as places to visit, not places to live. I was overwhelmed by the masses and masses of people all going in different directions so fast. People don't just brush by you on the street, they slam into you and then don't say excuse me. There were as many people on the street after our after-show dinner at 1am as there was at 1pm. How can so many people live in such a small space?

There are absolutely parts of New York City that are completely charming, and certainly all of the New York bloggers that I met were (as were the non-New Yorkers), but I don't know how they do it every day. This morning, as I sat down in my office the rooster from the farm across the street was crowing (he must have woken up late), and today on my drive home I'll probably have to pass a tractor. I like that.

Thanks guys for taking the time to hang out. I had a great time!

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