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Monday, October 10, 2005
Life on the Fringe
My roofmate is a couple years younger than I am. She has a large circle of friends and goes out about 10 times more frequently than I do. This might have worried me a few years ago but it doesn't bother me often at this point in my life. We get along great, probably because we don't often hang out socially. And because I stay at my mom's most weekends, so as to be closer to my friends and my familiar haunts, she and her friends often have the house to themselves on the weekends. She never leaves a mess, and she always lets me know what's going down. It's quite a lovely arrangement.

This weekend, though, she made a point of asking me if I wanted to join them for their end-of-summer lets-watch-the-Eagles-play-Dallas bash. So I thought, sure why not, her friends probably either think I live up in my room or doubt my existence altogether. So I made some themed cupcakes and joined the festivities.

It was pretty fun. The thing I like about "growing up" is that what you choose to do or not do does not necessarily determine the kind of people who you hang out with or the kind of people you can have a good time with. I chose, along with Jen's friends, to eat much chili, do too many jello shots (did you know they make Margarita flavored jello--that can't be for kids!) and yell loudly at the depressingly bad Eagles. They chose to do all this and something slightly more illegal, which just got passed over me. No big deal. Maybe I'm too old to be just discovering the phenomenon that is tolerance, or lack of peer pressure. But I have to say I felt neither offended nor shunned. Which was nice.

So it wasn't a bad weekend all in all. I still probably won't hang out with that crowd very often. But my roofmate and I both seem OK with that.
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