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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Things to Look Foward to
Excuse the dangling preposition, folks.

Today is the last day of my work week and I shall not return until Tuesday. This weekend I'm headed back up to upstate New York for a planned trip to the 33rd Annual Adirondack Balloon Festival.

Excuse their crappy website, folks.

I've been looking forward to this for months now. It seems like kind of a froofy thing to do, but it's good fun. The air will be much more crisp and fall-like up there and apple-cider donuts will abound. And I'll be with family, with whom I never have to pretend to be anything but what I am. Good times.


Not only is November my birthday month, (Gah, the big 29, how did this happen?) but I'm also going to be hosting a special visitor from across the pond. My friend Paul, whom I've known for approximately 10 years (!) but have never met (!) will be coming to visit for 10 days on the 11th. I'm already making my list of all the things I want to show him. I live in an ideal spot for daytrips to both NYC and D.C. He is an extremely talented photographer (see self-portrait below) and I have to make sure to take him places where he can get goot photos. Any suggestions? I'm so stoked! Get here fast, Paul!

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