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Friday, December 30, 2005
"A special kind of vowel modification"
Most of the people who use Blogger for the comments on their blog have turned on the word verification feature so they don't get comment spam. You know...where you have to type in a random series of letters resembling a word in Welsh before your comment will get published?

The other day I was commenting on Bex's blog and scrolled down to the word verification and saw


An umlaut? How the hell was I supposed to do an umlaut? So I did a "u" but this was apparently unacceptable.

Stupid spammers.

I know, I know, stupid post. We can't always be on, can we. I'm sitting in my office with my light off so if people look from down the hall they won't even know I'm here today. That's my mood. And you expect a good post.

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