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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Conversations at the Dentist Office Waiting Room
Me: . . .

TV: This is Lauren Hutton. I turned down 27 infomericals over the years. But this makeup is more than something I just put my name on. This is something I believe in.

Guy: hmph.

Me: . . .

TV: My makeup is specially formulated without the mica and shiny metals that get deep into the lines on your face and actually make you look older.

Me (thinking): huh. mica. shiny metals. do i have lines on my face? wonder how much it is.

Guy: This is the longest commerical I've ever seen.

Me: Polite mumble. (thinking) please please please don't start talking to me. your sneakers velcro. please please.

Guy: That's stuff's junk. Just junk. Doesn't do all that.

Me: mumble. (thinking) but it's all in one convenient disc, specially formulated to match my skintone and only $19.99. i can't be old enough to be thinking about buying this can i? but Lauren Hutton does look really good. please stop talking to me velcro man. where's the damn hygenist?

Guy: Like lipstick on a duck.

Me: . . .
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