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Thursday, August 17, 2006
It's the Little Things that Make Me So Happy

It has always amazed me how much I let small things affect my mood. Likewise, it is astounding how I allow the mood of other people to change mine.

This is probably most noticible at the office. If we're having a steadily busy day with a lot of motion and activity and noise, I feel propelled to create my own busyness, motion, activity, and noise. If it's a mellow summer Thursday with both offices on either side of me empty and 1/3 the rest of the building also on vacation, it's very hard to motivate myself, even if the missing are not connected to my function at all. If I speak for any length of time with someone at work who is upset or discontent or frustrated with the way things are going, I, too, become a malcontent. I'm not really a person who makes attempts to cheer people up, instead I empathize and fall into their groove.

On the flip side, little things can make me happy. A set of new felt-tip pens, a visitor, a great mix CD, a beautiful Saturday morning that everyone else is sleeping through.

Do you allow the mood and attitude of others to change your mood?

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