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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Wise up, man.
I often find myself in the role of "the girl to whom guys talk about their girl problems." Although some would find it intimidating to be the spokesperson for womankind, I relish this role.

I will now impart some secrets to you, as I did in the month that I started this blog. I'm here to help, gentlemen.

[actual]Q: If she says she just wants to be friends then why does she still wear cute little low cut sundresses every time we get together. Could it be that she secretly wants me bad?

A: Ok, there's a chance that she simply enjoys wearing cute little low cut sundresses. However, just because she doesn't want you doesn't mean that she wants you to stop wanting her. Quite the contrary. It's nice to know someone out there is pining for you. As long as you aren't as stalker or creepy, the longer the pining can last the better we feel, really. Don't lie girls, you know it's true. She doesn't secretly want you if she's turned down several opportunities to have you.

Now this is a big one. This one isn't in the form of a question, but it's important nonetheless. Listen carefully:

With women, nothing ever "just happens." Trust me. We've at least thought about it, if not planned what outfit we were going to wear. And more than likely we've discussed the occasion and the outfit with our girlfriends. We always know.

Someday soon, men, you'll remember this information and thank me.

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