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Friday, August 18, 2006
It's around 8pm on Friday night and I'm sitting outside on my mother's deck. I wish you could see the sky right now. It's this amazing shade of perikwinkle fading to a blue so light that it is almost white. And I can just see twinges of pink from the sun that is setting behind the house, outside of my view. Small cottonball clouds have arranged themselves in rows that are not quite straight but absolutely perfect.

Some bird is singing his last song of the evening. It could be the last song he'll ever sing, but he's singing like it's his first. The cicadas are out too, hiding in my sunflowers, I think. No one is mowing their lawn or proving their dominance over nature. There's just enough of a nip in the air to remind us all that fall is coming. There's nothing like fall in Pennsylvania, no matter how far I may roam.

I'm glad I came outside this evening. I could have missed it all, never known it existed:this show that is always a bit different than the night before.
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